IoT/RFID in Retail

IoT/RFID technologies are around the world  transforming the way Retailers are running their business.

In e-business you have complete transparency with collected data on customers behavior, history and preferences. A situation we are only just dreaming of in physical retail stores – however, which relatively easy could be achieved by implementing new technologies.

An increasing number of retailers have started using new technologies to recognise customers in-store and analysing how they engage with brands in a shop.

With the growing uptake of smart utilities devices in the home, there is evidence that consumers are growing in confidence when it comes to using connected technologies for every-day processes.

The “IoT/RFID in Retail” session will have its focus on international cases and best practises, technological opportunities and actual benefits gained by implementing IoT/RFID.

The session will be in English.

1. Introduction to the workshop
by Sacha Mendes da Silva, GS1

2. Omnichannel and retail customer experience
by Mark Thomson, Zebra Technologies

3. American trends from a Danish perspective
by Morten Pedersen, Teknologisk Institut

The Workshop is organized by GS1 Denmark, Zebra Technologies, Teknologisk Institut and RFID i Danmark.

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