Internet of Things – Technologies in Retail

Keynote presentation by Mark Thomson, Director of Retail Industry Solutions af Zebra Technologies

IoT offers a variety of new opportunities for retailers and is already revolutionizing the way they run their business. Private homes are evolving with significant speed in aspect to the use of smart utensils and retailers are embracing this progress and adapting it to fit the retail sector.

By now around 96% of all retailers are ready to invest in IoT solutions and it is therefore important and interesting to get an understanding of how this will affect not just the retail sector, but also our experiences as customers.

There is a wide range of different technologies that can be used in this aspect. Beacon technology is just one example on how to gather information about customers in stores, so the retailers can improve the customer experience, just as they would do online. But in contrast to online, this technology allows sales staff to talk to individual customers about their preferences or to even send relevant offers to their mobile phones, through wireless internet.

Besides customer service IoT also provides the potential to streamline the backend side, by enhancing communication, improved monitoring and much much more.

As Director of Retail Industry Solutions at Zebra Technologies, Mark works closely with retailers and hospitality providers to provide input on how to face the challenge of a new retail landscape, where customers are often more connected and informed than shop floor staff. Mark helps retailers focus on developing a vision for their retail business that aims to improve customer experience and drive business efficiencies.

With over 25 years customer focused experience, Mark Thomson has developed in-depth knowledge of the EMEA retail market place. He has worked closely with retailers on the pain points of modern retail and explains how technology solutions can be an integral part of their business strategy to help them solve their real business challenges.

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