Hygiene and Access Control

By Emil Lund and Frederik Daugaard Andersen, Berendsen Textil Service A/S.

For many companies, especially pharmaceutical – It is vital to maintain a high level of hygiene and access control. These factors are maintained by using SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and being in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance.

Contemporary documentation for many companies remain signed documents which simply state that, employees have to uphold certain rules and regulations.This does not ensure that employees actually uphold these rules, hence the need of a system that can provide proper documentation of behavior and hygiene.  

Using our SmartGarment system as a base, we have developed a vision and mockup of a system using the UHF transponder in employees clothes to determine their level of access and hygiene.

In example, we can: Deny access to certain workareas and help employees to uphold a better hygiene level by nudging them towards ideal hygienic behavior. Through the SmartGarment website the customer can access reports that provide them with an overview of such documentation.

The Access Control is of a big concern for our customers, in our setup we are able to deny access based on, employee status, cloth status, multiple employees and much more – this is all depended on the rules the customer wants.