Wireless Identification and the Internet of Things

The annual RFID i Danmark 2016 Conference

Tuesday 31st of May at the IT University in Copenhagen

Across Industries the most innovative companies are already tracking, tracing, locating, identifying, authenticating every day by the use of Wireless Identification (‘RFID’) – because they get significant advantages!

However, now heading towards the Internet of Things (IoT) we can use the identification technologies to identify every instance of a product, communicate with it using radio waves, and we can add intelligence to the product – turning it into a “Smart Product”!

In direct continuation of turning the products into Smart Products, we can add new services based upon the value creating digital services. The Products can collect and report data regarding the usage and maintenance of the product back to the Manufacturer, as well as moving security requirements and efficient use of the Product out in the Product itself.

To understand the full potential of IoT, It is important not just to focus on Devices, which are connected to the Internet – it’s not just ’M2M’ in a new context. ”Things” can as well be objects having an RFID Tag mounted – maybe with a temperature sensor added – being read by an RFID Reader connected to the Internet.

The automatic data capture feeding a stronger analysis, which like ’Big Data’ with an enhanced focus on Business Intelligence will act as an accelerator for Business Innovation. Hence, we are not any longer just talking about Smart Products, but also Smart Cities, Smart Society etc. – enhanced digitalization!

The IoT will mean that the number of people who need to understand technologies and methods for Unique Identification and Wireless Communication will be growing significantly.

Bridging the new Business Opportunities with actual knowledge and experience with Automatic Identification, Locating and Data Capture, is the main objective of the RFID i Danmark 2016 Conference.

Foremost it is a Networking opportunity; You will meet key people from companies using RFID for production, logistics, retail, asset management as well as from RFID Manufacturers and RFID Solution providers. They will share their experiences on how they are using RFID technology to optimize processes and create financial results in their particular company.

You will have the opportunity to listen to both national as well as international presentations from companies’ results and experiences and if you want to learn more about the technologies, you can use this unique opportunity to go exploring at the large RFID exhibition, where the vendors will be ready to explain, demonstrate and answer your questions.

The list of presentations will continuously be updated on PRESENTATIONS where you can also find further information about each presentation.

To learn more about current solutions and products you get this unique opportunity to explore our RFID EXHIBITION. Where suppliers will be ready to explain, demonstrate and answer your questions. The list of exhibitioners will continuously be updated on EXHIBITORS.

At AGENDA you can get an overview of the program and you can download the preliminary Conference Brochure.